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My period was late 3 days and it started out really heavy. In an ideal situation, it should be taken as soon as possible after an unprotected sexual intercourse to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

This one is a little more complicated and the answer varies from woman to woman. As of [update]the labeling on the U. Contact your doctor immediately if you throw up within 1 hour of swallowing the pill. Levonorgestrel will not terminate pregnancy if the fertilized egg has attached to the uterus.

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Certain other medicines can make levonorgestrel less effective. Our handy quiz can help you figure out which EC is best for you. A week after I took Plan B I started spotting. Plan B Side Effects: Continued You can take levonorgestrel if: Of those 22 percent, the mode of action in which the emergency contraception works depends on when the woman takes it: Plan B One-Step will not terminate a pregnancy that has already begun the fertilized egg has attached to the uterus.

Some health insurance plans cover the morning-after pill, but you may need a prescription in order for your insurance plan to pay for it. These are currently estimated using variants of the calendar method. Plan B One-Step is an emergency contraception. Call your doctor or seek emergency medical help if you have severe pain in your lower stomach or side.

Levonorgestrel will not terminate pregnancy if the fertilized egg has attached to the uterus. Does the Plan B morning-after pill have side effects? The first prescription-only combined estrogen-progestin dedicated product, Schering PC4 ethinylestradiol and norgestrelwas approved in the UK in January and first marketed in October Common Plan B side effects may include: You start to panic.

Store at room temperature away from moisture and heat.

Is It Safe to Take Plan B While on the Pill?

You have a history of recent abnormal vaginal bleeding that your doctor has not yet evaluated. The diaphragm slipped out of place.


A doctor should confirm that you are not pregnant, and that this medicine has not caused any harmful effects. Some basic facts about ovulation and the possibility of becoming pregnant: Visit your doctor within 3 weeks after taking Plan B.

It lasted for 5 days. You may get an upset stomach, feel lightheaded or dizzy, or have tender breasts for a short while when you take the morning-after pill. Do not protect against STIs. Since Plan B One-Step is used as a single dose, it does not have a daily dosing schedule.

Interaction with Other Drugs If you are on other drugs, make sure you consult your doctor to know whether you can use Plan B. The websites for both of these drugs clearly indicate that each can work to prevent a "fertilized egg" which is actually a newly formed human being from implanting in the uterine wall: Levonorgestrel will not terminate a pregnancy that has already begun the fertilized egg has attached to the uterus.Please see Questions and Answers, August 24, 1.

What is emergency contraception? Emergency contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy to be used after a contraceptive fails or after. Plan B One-Step is one tablet that contains levonorgestrel, a hormone that has been used in many birth control pills for several decades.

Plan B One-Step contains a higher dose of levonorgestrel than birth control pills, but works in a similar way to help prevent pregnancy.

Aug 17,  · Plan B One-Step is an emergency contraception pill that people can take in some instances to prevent pregnancy. This pill is effective if people forget to take their birth control pill and have unprotected sex or if another birth control method fails.

How effective is Plan B One-Step and other levonorgestrel morning-after pills? A levonorgestrel morning-after pill like Plan B One Step, Take Action, My Way, and AfterPill can lower your chance of getting pregnant by % if you take it within 3 days after unprotected sex.

You can take Plan B, My Way, and other levonorgestrel morning-after pills up to 5 days after unprotected sex.

Plan B One-Step

The emergency contraceptive/morning-after pill has three modes of action (as does the regular birth control pill); that is, it can work in one of three ways.

Emergency contraception (EC), or emergency postcoital contraception, are birth control measures that may be used after sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy. Forms of EC include: Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs)—sometimes simply referred to as emergency contraceptives (ECs) or the "morning-after pill"—are medications intended to disrupt or delay ovulation or fertilization, which are.

Plan b pill
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