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But Hamlet was too wrapped up in his emotional state to think properly. It is the pens that run out. Any time I ever had a needle in my life I would faint and now I had to give it to myself every day. In Lord of the Flies and Hamlet the main characters failed, they allowed their emotions to get the best of them and fear overruled and lives were taken.

If the boys in Lord of the Flies stayed and worked together they could have been stronger and controlled their fear, and this would have saved the lives of innocent boys. Ironically, the presence of Richard Parker gave Pi a reason to fight on and proceed to the finish line with the achievement of beating what to most was the inevitable thought of dying alone in the Pacific Ocean.

Pi thought that they are like people.

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Not literally hungry, but keen to write a novel of importance to someone. Fear is one of the truly hardest things to overcome. And just for the record, this is not about blaming Pi's father but about learning from him.

Life of Pi Essay

You have the ability to order original papers of any type and for any academic level from our service. In comparison to the version with the cannibalistic cook and death of his mother, that reveals the underlying ferocity of what human nature can truly be. Through Pi, he aims to compare the stories discovered within each religion: At that time my fear was taking control of my body and I did not want to take care of myself but I also did not want to die so every day I struggled with myself to give the needles and prick my finger.

He was able to work together with Richard Parker by feeding him and allowing him to have his territory and this allowed both Pi and Richard Parker to stay alive. Is it possible to spend days alone in the ocean with the tiger being sixteen years old? However, we come to understand that this is a book about how we choose what to believe and how to come to with reality that is often more horrible than we can stand.

He starts to learn how to survive. The Life of Pi. His name is Pi Patel. Not only is the father's fear actualized, but Pi meets the fear his father instilled in him head-on when he finds himself trapped in a lifeboat with non-other-than the tiger.

However, the novel pointedly refrains from advocating any single religious faith over another. He used everything he could to live the life. Eventually, after years or maybe lifetimes worth of unanswered prayers, we realize that we've been praying to be saved from ourselves—from the fruit born of who we become when fearful—a spendthrift, a victim, a martyr, etc.

Is it possible to spend days alone in the ocean? He reads the instructions and follows them. After a few days in the hospital, journalists came to see Pi.

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He describes every day spent in the ocean, everything he does during the day. Therefore people that allow their body to be controlled by emotion and fear through a tragedy will end up having dying or having someone close to them die.

Have you seen the movie, "Life of Pi"? Belief is one of the main things that kept Pi alive during his trip. I was alone and orphaned in the middle of the Pacific hanging onto an oar, an adult tiger in front of me, sharks beneath me, a storm raging about me.

Now, the sixteen year old boy is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean face to face with four wild animals. Although Pi is able to overcome his fears and learns to live and train a tiger, in the novel Lord of the Flies the boys that get stranded on an isolated island are not able to overcome their fears.

He illustrates that one story can signify hope and determination to survive and the other story presents a dark tragedy in its own sense. When he was a child he lived in India with his family: When the leaders discover that Pi has been following three different religions, each attempts to claim Pi for himself.

One can learn to deal with fear as Pi deals with the tiger that called Richard Parker. Only fear can defeat life. I don't believe He can.

Might there be a fear that your life has come to revolve around? Yann Martel retells the story about a boy who survived a shipwreck, lost his parents, and faced hard times. Later he uses them as a journal. Eventually I was able to do both by myself.Life of Pi Essay whether it means fighting in a battle or searching for water in a desert.

The novel, Life of Pi, written by Yann Martel tells a story about a boy named Pi and a Royal Bengal tiger, Richard Parker, who fight for survival on a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Life of Pi Essay. 9 September Since ‘only fear could defeat life” Pi managed to persevere and overcame the fear of Richard Parker to be one of the “very few castaways to have survived” such a long period of time in the sea “in the company of an adult Bengal tiger.

Life Of Pi, Let Faith Be Greater Than Fear Words | 5 Pages. Life of Pi, Let Faith be greater than Fear The Life of Pi is a book filled with many fantasy adventures that will have an excellent impact on what you may or not believe in.

This novel was published in by author Yann Martel.

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Fear is one of the truly hardest things to overcome. Martel wrote, “It is life’s only true opponent. Only fear can defeat life. It is clever, treacherous adversary it has no decency, respects no law or convention, shows no mercy.” ().

From my own personal experience I can totally agree with this. Fear does take ahold of life and in an instance you can be out of control. When I was diagnosed with diabetes I was. Coping With Fear in Life of Pi Essay Words | 6 Pages. conventional methods to coping with one’s fears but the most effective is by facing it.

In the novel, Life of Pi, the main character, Pi, is one of astonishment; even through the darkest points in his life, he is. Fear, Pi realizes, is “life’s only true opponent,” and he holds back the fear with his faith, no matter what religion embodies that faith.

Life of pi fear essays
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