Flow measuring apparatus report

The manometers measure and show pressure distribution against a calibrated scale. The venturi Flow measuring apparatus report has a converging portion, a throat and a diverging portion as Flow measuring apparatus report in the figure below.

Graduated and stepped Measuring Tank for both low and high Flow measuring apparatus report flow rates. The sudden change in the flow area in the orifice meters causes considerable swirl and as the velocity of the flow increases, the vena contracta decreases. These can be costly mistakes in sizing and selecting the wrong equipment which can mean the difference between the system having sufficient pressure relieving capacity or the system rupturing during a high pressure relief incident.

A space-saving vertical panel holds all the parts for easy use. As this ratio increase, the value of K will fall and vice versa. Howeversince the coefficient of discharged for orifice meter 0. To get better results, the experiment should have been repeated at least twice. This high energy loss is due to the large drop in pressure due to friction.

We must avoid parallax error to get the accurate data and result. This enables students to familiarize themselves with typical methods of flow measurement of an incompressible fluid. The length of the rotor is sufficient that the inlet and outlet are always separated from each other thus blocking a free flow of liquid.

The stopwatch is started when the flow starts, and stopped when the bucket reaches its limit. The downstream pressure tap is placed at the minimum pressure position, which is assumed to be at the vena contracta.

With the maximum measureable flow rate, retain the maximum readings on manometer. The results obtained against rotameter and hydraulic bench was verified for experiment of flow measurement comparison. Since these meters have significantly lower permanent pressure losses than orifice meters, Dall tubes are widely used for measuring the flow rate of large pipeworks.

Although we set the flow rates of the rotameter to be the parameter of the experiment, however the actual flow rates that we gain deviates from the rotameter flow rates. A volume of gas under one set of pressure and temperature conditions is not equivalent to the same gas under different conditions.

Venturi meter[ edit ] A Venturi meter constricts the flow in some fashion, and pressure sensors measure the differential pressure before and within the constriction. When there is no flow, the float rests on a stop at the bottom end.

To get better results, the experiment should have been repeated at least twice. From experiment 1 up to experiment 5, the graph shows that, the greater the flow rates of rotameter, the greater the flow rates of venturi and orifice rotameter. The smaller the vena contracta gets the greater the pressure difference, and thus the higher the energy loss and thus significant head loss.

Some are designed to spin visibly in the fluid stream to aid the user in determining whether the float is stuck or not. If the water level in the manometer board is too high where it is out of visible point, we need to adjust the water level by using the staddle valve.

These are available with wide range of fittings styles, connection methods and materials such as PVDF, polypropylene, and stainless steel. Care should be taken that the bucket does not overflow at high flow rates.

The function of the converging portion is to increase the velocity of the fluid and lower its static pressure. Next, when we take the readings from the manometer, it should be taken at the eye level which is perpendicular to our eyes to avoid parallax error.

The venturi tube has a converging portion, a throat and a diverging portion as shown in the figure below. This may be on the order of hundreds of cubic meters per second. Included in the figure is the variation of piezometric head along the pipe run, as would be shown by numerous pressure tappings at the pipe wall.

Depress staddle valve lightly to allow fluid and trapped air to escape out. However, this flow meter is that it is large, difficult and expensive to manufacture. This meter is good for high pressure and energy recovery.

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All pressure tappings connect to manometers held on a vertical panel behind the pipe work. Students find and compare the head losses for each meter. Gas[ edit ] Gases are compressible and change volume when placed under pressure, are heated or are cooled. Students measure the flow using the hydraulic bench, noting the manometer levels and rotameter reading.

An oval gear meter is a positive displacement meter that uses two or more oblong gears configured to rotate at right angles to one another, forming a T shape. There are three type of orifice: A second weight would then be added to the weigh bar 10 kg, for instance and the stopwatch stopped when the weigh bar tips a second time.

If the water level in the manometer board were too high where it is out of visible point, the water level should be adjusted by using the staddle valve.Flow Measurement is the process of measuring fluid in your plant or industry.

You can measure flow through a variety of different devices such as Coriolis, differential pressure, vortex, magnetic, ultrasonic, turbine and positive displacement meters.

List of measuring devices

the bench, delivers water to an experimental apparatus placed on the bench top (see Figure 1). The flow rate is controlled by a valve in the supply line, and is measured before return to the sump for recirculation. 36 SOLTEQ® FLOWMETER MEASUREMENT APPARATUS (FM) Page 1 ABSTRACT SOLTEQ® Flowmeter Measurement Apparatus (Model: FM) is designed to measure a flow of an incompressible fluid.

From this experiment, we will obtain the flow rate measurement with comparison of pressure drop by utilizing three basic types of flow measuring techniques. Based on the Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring Or Checking Flow Or Level Of Liquids industrial chain, this report mainly elaborate the definition, types, applications and major players of Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring Or Checking Flow Or Level Of Liquids market in details.

1 CIEG Fluid Mechanics Laboratory 3. FLOW FROM A HOLE IN THE SIDE OF A TANK OBJECTIVE AND APPARATUS The purpose of this experiment is to test the validity of the Bernoulli equation and to introduce.

Flow Channel of Fluid Micro Teknik are offering a wide range of Flow Channel of Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments. Flow Channel Flow Channel equipment allows the student to study water flow in an open channel and also verify the Chézy equation and Mannings Friction Factor.

Flow measuring apparatus report
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