Exim4 configured to not write apport reports

Remote transports can always handle more than one address at once, but can be configured not to do so, or to restrict multiple addresses to the same domain. Exim can be configured not to start a delivery process when a message is received; this can be unconditional, or depend on the number of incoming SMTP connections or the system load.

Package python-gnomeapplet is not configured yet. The sender address that was received in the envelope of the message.

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The format of the first spool file is described in chapter There is an option to use the popular Maildir format, which you can set here. Allow 72 hours for this to clear up and then try to send the mail again.

Setting up libpkit0 0. Package gnupg-agent is not configured yet. The contents of the Reply-to: The filter may add recipients to the message, replace the recipients, discard the message, cause a new message to be generated, or cause the message delivery to fail. All of those are included in the "heavy" daemon and, as you'll want to do spam scanning, you'll need it.

You may minimize this trouble by using a wild card entry or regular expressions, thus reducing the risk of divulging the password to the wrong SMTP server while reducing the number of necessary lines. However, if an address generated by an alias, forward, or filter file is being processed, this variable contains the local part of the original address.

Setting up libxdmcp6 1: If you have experience of Exim on other distributions then go for the latter, otherwise the former may help you find things better. Setting up libgssapi-krb 1.

Setting up libtiff4 3. I have used mutiple files and refer to them here. Posted in Email Servers - Last updated May. The fact that an address is local does not imply that the message has to be delivered locally; it can be directed either to a local or to a remote transport. Package brasero-common is not configured yet.

Setting up libtasn 2.

Unable to upgrade openssh-client openssh-server on Debian Squeeze

This can contain wildcards and file lookups. Package evolution-data-server is not configured yet.

Configured exim4 on my server to send all mails externally

In exceptional cases, a router may determine that an address is local after all, and cause it to be passed to the directors. To use exim-config, run either as root or sudo the command dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config.

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When a router succeeds it can route an address either to a local or to a remote transport, or it can change the domain, and pass the address on to subsequent routers. The names of the two spool files consist of the message id, followed by -H for the file containing the envelope and headers, and -D for the data file.

Exim does not do POP3, IMAP, shared calendars or make the tea It does not deliver mail to client machines, and does not handle mail user agent message creation functionality.

Package gconf2 is not configured yet. The ACL adds some additional headers to the message defining the spam "score". Permission denied Jul 09,  · exim4 depends on exim4-daemon-light | exim4-daemon-heavy | exim4-daemon-custom; however: Package exim4-daemon-light is not installed.

Package exim4. Tomas Varil. Hello there, I am running wheezy with your repositories currently PHPtoday I upgraded to MySQL I would like to upgrade to php but I have noticed that php5-mysql (v) package depends in libmysqlclient16, which is a package from squeeze but wheezy installs libmysqlclient18 by default.

Jul 08,  · Exim 4 is strict on not allowing misconfigured exchange servers or other servers sending mail with an underscore in the name.

I found the fix out on exim. Dec 20,  · exim4-base: Depends: exim4-config (>= ) but it is not going to be installed. or exim4-config-2 which is a virtual package.

E: I wasn't able to locate file for the exim4-base package. Apr 04,  · configured to not write apport reports dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of openmediavault-virtualbox: openmediavault-virtualbox depends on.

After this, try runngin dpkg --configure -a ; apt-get -f install to complete the pending actions. Note that this will overwrite all the configuration for avahi.


If you have some customization you need to save, we can talk about how to do that.

Exim4 configured to not write apport reports
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